Matt Marble (b. 1979, Mississippi) is an artist, scholar, and esotericist in Greensboro, NC. Working across genres, Matt's music emerges from dreams, geometry, meditation, and free improvisation. His graphic scores have been exhibited in journals, galleries, and the Museum of Modern Art in Barcelona. Recent recordings include Cantraps, an EP of wordless voice and guitar prayerscapes, and Wondering Stars, a pair of geometric improvisations for guitars, harmonicas, synths, and percussion. 

Matt's writing focuses on marginalized American artists who find creative agency through esoteric traditions. His doctoral dissertation, Buddhist Bubblegum (NYT, "groundbreaking work"), focuses on the role of esoteric Buddhism in the creative process of NYC "Downtown" composer Arthur Russell. Related writings have been published in Abraxas Journal, Ear|Wave|Event, and Desert Suprematism. More recently, Matt's podcast, Secret Sound, features the spiritual biographies of America's most forgotten musical visionaries. 


PhD, music composition • Princeton University
BA, speech & hearing sciences • Portland State University

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