#34 - Service Through Sound - Evelyn Benham-Bull 

Welcome to episode 34, "Service Through Sound," featuring composer, author, Theosophist, and music therapist Evelyn Benham-Bull (1897-1983). Almost entirely forgotten, Benham-Bull was an active composer in the 20s and 30s before shifting her focus to practicing and teaching music therapy for the remainder of her life. After helping design the first “music history” syllabus in university study, she published an early scientific study analyzing the intuitive process in music composition. She taught instrumental lessons and music therapy for decades in Pasadena and became the chairwoman of the Music Research Association, therapeutically working through music in hospitals. Founding a music service branch within the Los Angeles chapter of the Theosophical Society, Benham-Bull also wrote prolifically on the relationship between Theosophy and music therapy. And in this regard she would have a strong influence on composers like William Grant Still. This episode looks at the role of Theosophy in the development of music therapy and the awesome efforts of one of its unsung practitioners. Welcome to the art of truth…

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