#38 - The Black Hawk Chant - Mothers Leafy Anderson and Catherine Seals 

Welcome to episode #38, "The Black Hawk Chant," featuring Mother Leafy Anderson (1887-1927) and Mother Catherine Seals (1874-1930). Coming from Chicago to New Orleans, Anderson founded her own church, which fused spiritualism, Catholicism, and jazz into her services, while seeking to uplift women into leadership roles. Worshipping the spirit of Native American Sauk leader Black Hawk, Anderson initiated the Spiritual church movement, which still exists today. Following her death, trombonist Catherine Seals took over, founding the Temple of the Innocent Blood in the Lower Ninth Ward. She continued Anderson's teachings but incorporated hoodoo folk magic. While her jazz services would feature significant artists like Ernie Cagnalotti and Harold Duke Dejan. This episode explores the African American Spiritual church movement, the Mardi Gras Indian tradition, and their musical expressions in New Orleans, Louisiana. Welcome to the Handa Wanda...

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  • Robert Troeth
    Robert Troeth Balingup Western Australia
    Good work. Much appreciated.

    Good work. Much appreciated.

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