In the spirit of Twin Peaks and Rick & MortyLight In Bauxite is a surreal metaphysical comedy set in the imaginary former-mining town of Bauxite ["Boh-Zite"]. This unique serial sound play centers on Mono, a melancholic gentle giant with chronic amnesia, who moved to town following the death of his parents. Mono is trapped in Bauxite, and hates living there. But whenever he tries to leave or has any negative thoughts about the town, he is spontaneously transported into a strange new scenario with which he is forced to reckon. And that is how each episode begins. Along the way he is burned, stoned, and trepanned by unforgiving townsfolk and dream-like figures of uncertain origin. And it is through this cycle of suffering that Mono comes to see the beauty of life and the light of his own true nature.

* Rated R for language, violence, and other imaginary stuff *