Natural Magic (2016-present) is a series of experimental animist karaoke meditations for pre-recorded soundtrack and solo instrumentalists, inspired by Michael Maier's Atalanta Fugiens (1617) and Jerry Hunt's Song Drapes (1992). Each piece draws from a series of dreams in which I've communicated with various animals (wolf, spider, turtle, and others). Dream symbolism is applied to the compositional process, as well as methods of esoteric divination, melodic translations of natural patterns (from botany, entymology, zoology, and mineralogy), and intuitive geometries. With an "open" graphic score the performer interprets the work such that every performance is somewhat or significantly different. 

Conversation with a Wolf features Jonathan Sielaff on bass clarinet and uses botanical inflorescences to derive melodic material. Arachnomancy was commissioned by Carl and Margery Abbott via Third Angle. It features John Nastos on alto saxophone and uses the form of the spider web to derive melodic material.