#25 - The Dawnbreakers - Russell & Gina Garcia 

Welcome to Episode 25, “The Dawnbreakers,” featuring Russell & Gina Garcia. Raised in Oakland, CA, Russell Garcia (1916-2011) was a world-renowned composer, arranger, and conductor, working for decades with jazz icons, as well as for major Hollywood film and tv productions. Gina Mauriello Garcia (1931-present) is a singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. Together the Garcias left their lavish Hollywood lifestyle in 1966, after embracing the Baha’i Faith. Called to spread the Baha'i message through song, the Garcias sailed across the islands of the Pacific Rim for the next 6 years doing just that. They ended up in New Zealand, where they directed their musical message to children and founded the charitable music organization, the Build a Better World Foundation. Through the Garcias, we’ll be exploring the Baha’i Faith and its relationship with American jazz. Welcome to the unquenchable flame…

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