#26 - The High Priestess of Delphi - Eva Palmer-Sikelianos 

Welcome to episode 26, “The High Priestess of Delphi,” featuring composer, choreographer, master weaver, and Sapphic feminist, Eva Palmer-Sikelianos (1874-1952). After almost founding a lesbian artist colony on the Greek island of Lesbos with fellow Sapphic pioneer, Natalie Barney, Eva wedded renowned Greek poet, Angelos Sikelianos. Fusing their reverence for ancient Greek tradition with the Universal brotherhood of Theosophy, they settled in Greece, and brought about the Delphic movement, for which Eva provided traditional hand-woven costumes, choreography, and music, as well as funding a microtonal organ customized for Byzantine tuning. Through Eva’s fascinating and under-regarded life, we’ll explore sapphic feminism, Theosophy, and the Delphic movement, while this episode offers the most extensive overview of her scarcely available recorded music. Welcome to the upward panic…

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