#27 - Dance of the Seven Rays - Torkom Saraydarian 

Welcome to episode 27, “Dance of the Seven Rays,” featuring Armenian priest, author, teacher, and composer/performer Torkom Saraydarian (1915-1997). Raised in Turkey, he survived the Armenian genocide to become a minister in the Armenian Apostolic Church. Immigrating to California, Saraydarian continued work as a minister, but increasingly devoted himself to the ageless wisdom teachings of Theosophy. Out of his garage in Van Nuys, CA, he formed the Aquarian Educational Group, going on to teach his spiritual philosophy to 1,000s over the years. A prolific author, he wrote over 170 books. Believing music to be a sacred and magical power, he used visualization, symbolism, and ritual to compose his numerous albums of sacred songs and solo piano music. Welcome to the ageless wisdom…


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