#32 - The Queen of Number-Vibration - Sarah Joanna Balliett 

Welcome to episode 32, “The Queen of Number-Vibration” featuring New Jersey author, feminist, and pioneer of American numerology, Sarah Joanna Balliett (1847?-1929)—though she is better known by her husband’s name as Mrs. L. Dow Balliett. Synthesizing occult numerology, Pythagorean and New Thought philosophy, as well as the oratory teachings of François Delsarte, Balliett developed her own “number-vibration” divination system. Applying numerology to one’s name, birthdate, or any other word/number of concern, Balliett’s system offered guidance in marriage, fashion, meditation, and music composition, among innumerable other applications. Corresponding number to diverse phenomena, Balliett single-handedly brought numerology into popular American awareness. Meanwhile, she also invented her own music composition system. Welcome to a music of the spheres…

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