#33 - The Godmother of Music Therapy - Eva Augusta Vescelius 

Welcome to episode 33, "The Godmother of Music Therapy," featuring opera singer, New Thought philosopher, and pioneering music therapist, Eva Augusta Vescelius (1853-1917). After co-founding the family-run Vescelius Opera Company and touring the world for over a decade, Vescelius’ interest in New Thought philosophy lead to her focus on the role of music in “mental therapy.” She went on to become one of the first teachers of music therapy as well as the founder of the National Society of Musical Therapeutics and the first music therapy periodical. This episode looks at the role of women and New Thought philosophy in the American origins of music therapy. Welcome to the God-Breath… 

Musical contributions from Miguel Frasconi (www.frasconimusic.bandcamp.com)

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