#36 - The Mahatma of Manhattan - Louis M. Eilshemius 

Welcome to episode 36, “The Mahatma of Manhattan,” featuring painter, author, publisher, and composer, Louis M. Eilshemius (1864-1941). Now marginally known for his idiosyncratic paintings of nudes and landscapes, Eilshemius spent most of his life being mocked and ignored, until years after being discovered by Marcel Duchamp. Founding the Dreamers Press, he published countless reams of poetry, fiction, visual art, and music across the turn of the century. Inspired by mesmeric trance, his paintings and music were rooted in subconscious and medial inspiration. While throughout his life undiagnosed mental health issues and egomaniacal ravings plagued his career and well being. Welcome to the self-advertised, “Mesmerist Prophet and Mystic, World-Class Athlete, Spirit-Painter Supreme, Ex-Fancy Amateur Dancer, and Transcendental Eagle of the Arts”: Mahatma Eilshemius

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