Secret Sound - 11 - The Cradle of Harmony (William Sidney Mount) 

Welcome to Episode 11, The Cradle of Harmony, on the life of painter, composer, fiddler, inventor, and spiritualist William Sidney Mount (1807-1868). Mount, who lived primarily in Stony Brook, Long Island, pioneered genre painting, giving a strong focus upon African-American musicians and everyday country life around Stony brook. He played the fiddle, collected melodies from those around him and composed his own. He also designed and constructed a unique fiddle, which he called the Cradle of Harmony, which attempted to increase its sonic power to suit foot-stomping country dance music. Mount maintained an avid interest in esoteric spirituality and spiritualism throughout his life. Working with a spiritualist group called the Miracle Circle, he believed he was in direct communication with Rembrandt.

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