Secret Sound - 15 - The Nature Singer (Charles Kellogg) 

Episode 15, “The Nature Singer,” features California-based musical naturalist, environmental activist, anti-gun, vegetarian, fire-extinguishing singer, and Christian Scientist, Charles Kellogg (1868-1949). He was raised for several years in the High Sierras by the Native American and Chinese members of his small mountain mining community. Before long Kellogg became renowned, both in vaudeville entertainment and in childhood education, for his ability to imitate the sounds of birds and insects. Always an advocate of nature, and the redwoods in particular, Kellogg toured the nation in the first RV, which he carved from a Redwood tree. Inspired by scientific experiments of the day, Kellogg also began performing his birdsong with a burning flame, claiming to extinguish the fire with his voice. He retired to a hand-carved wood cabin called “The Mushroom,” where he lived until he died in 1949. Welcome to ever ever land…

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