Secret Sound - 20 - The Obeah Man (Tony McKay/Exuma) 

Welcome to Episode 20, The Obeah Man, featuring Bahamian born singer/songwriter, painter, and Obeah practitioner, Tony McKay (1942-1997). Coming to Greenwich Village in the 1960s, McKay took on the identity of Exuma, the Obeah Man. His mystical wardrobe, lyrics, paintings, songs and soundscapes captivated the counter-culture audience of the late 60s. This episode looks back on the history of Obeah, it's roots in Nigeria, and its development by enslaved Africans in the West Indies. While the practice of Obeah has continued to be demonized in The Bahamas, McKay celebrated it on stage and on recording in America, introducing many to Bahamian folk magic and culture for the first time. Welcome to a root from the bush…

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