Secret Sound - 9 - Born With Second Sight (Mary Lou Williams) 

Welcome to Episode 9, “Born With Second Sight.” Through the life of pianist and composer Mary Lou Williams, we meet a self-described psychic, a child prodigy pianist, and a renowned composer of zodiac jazz and catholic jazz masses. From her childhood onward, Williams saw spirits, ghosts, animals, angels and demons, and future situations—things that remained invisible to those around her. She ultimately embraced the Catholic faith and pioneered the inclusion of African-American jazz into the Catholic church. Fusing spirituality and music, Williams defined the role of jazz as “healing to the soul.” Being both female and African-American the success she experienced early on and throughout her life cannot be underestimated, both in affirming her talents and artistry as well as what she had to go through to be taken seriously as an artist. Welcome to the visionary world of Mary Lou Williams…

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