WONDERING STARS • a solo exhibition by Matt Marble •
• May 18--June 5, 2021 • Greensboro Project Space •

Wondering Stars (2021) explores music, visual art, and poetry through a personal dream-derived divination system. The exhibition features alcohol ink drawings, acrylic painting, modified guitar sculpture, and corresponding audio installations of recorded guitar music, as well as documentary video and other materials related to the creative process.

Inspired by his ongoing dreamwork, as well as studies in esoteric traditions of divination and spiritual alchemy, Matt has been developing an idiosyncratic divination system over the last 6 years. Rather than prophesy the future, he employs divination to hone his intuition through a symbolic structure of geometric enigmas.

Using a geometric array, crafted from a discarded Amazon box, Matt tosses two beans, randomly selecting two geometric pairs. These resulting pairs then form a single geometric emblem--one of 81 astramira or "wondering stars"--which serves as a focus for enigmatic meditation. Within each emblem there are hidden symbolic connections and dream figures, as well as spontaneous verse forms, colors, pitches—any or all of which may guide meditation and the creative process. Image, sound, and idea then mutually inspire one another in what has become a wonderful practice.

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Watch the Virtual Tour (15 min):

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