Matt Marble at Black Hole (2023), photo by Micah Silver

Matt Marble is an artist, author, audio producer and director of the American Museum of Paramusicology ("brilliant and humbling," The Paris Review). Both creatively and through historical research, his work explores the inspired intersections of art and metaphysics and the intuitive disciplines they mutually employ. Matt is the author of Buddhist Bubblegum: Esotericism in the Creative Process of Arthur Russell ("groundbreaking work," New York Times), published by Coolgrove Press (2020). As an audio producer he hosts Secret Sound, exploring the metaphysical history of American music, and The Hidden Present, an interview series exploring intuitive discipline and spiritual imagination from diverse perspectives. His writing, research, media production, and personal archive constitute the American Museum of Paramusicology (AMP), through which he also publishes the monthly AMP Journal.

Matt's visual art and music are often rooted in his own dreamwork divination practice--the Astramira or "Wondering Stars." This work has been featured as a solo art exhibition at Greensboro Project Space, as well as through releases of instrumental guitar music and dream songs. His recent album of solo acoustic guitar music, The Living Mirror (2021), was released by UK label The Crystal Cabinet. Matt holds a BA in Speech & Hearing Science from Portland State University, a PhD in music composition from Princeton University, and a totemic black rattlesnake from his dreams. 

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