Much of my writing focuses comparative metaphysics and its relationship to music and the creative process as realized in American history. Across global culture, metaphysics evolves through individuals, who mirror or adapt its teachings, coming to their own experiential conclusions. This naturally compels creative interpretation, inspired expression, and spiritual imagination. Most innovations in music and art occur by this very manner. And this is one reason why biography is such a focal point in my writing. I'm interested in how these traditions realize themselves in the world for the better, while recognizing the role that delusion and spiritual materialism often play. I am also of the opinion that the practical philosophies of metaphysics offer us some of the most developed intuitive disciplines in human history. 

My book Buddhist Bubblegum ("Groundbreaking work," The New York Times) was published by Coolgrove Press in 2021 and explores the role of Vajrayana Buddhism in the creative process of composer/performer Arthur Russell. Other articles and essays can be found in the Abraxas Journal, The New Philosophical Research Society Journal, The Open Space Magazine, the AMP Journal, and elsewhere.