The AMP Archives include a diverse array of materials pertaining to the metaphysical history of American music. The AMP specializes in 19th century and early 20th century history, spanning numerous artists and metaphysical traditions. Spiritualism, new thought philosophy, the Theosophical Society, and Baha'í faith perspectives are prominently represented. The archives hold rare letters, periodicals and books, vinyl recordings, photographs, philosophical charts, promotional materials, and more. Below you can explore the AMP Collections as well as thematic archives. 


There are two collections in the AMP archive. The Chaw Mank Collection is the personal archive of the late psychic country producer and fanclub pioneer Chaw Mank. It contains letters, records, scores, papers, celebrity memorabilia, and various publications. The Dane Rudhyar Collection holds numerous letter, personal papers, promotional materials, and signed books of composer, painter, astrologer Dane Rudhyar. And the W.W. Harmon Collection includes rare papers, illustrations, and documents by optemetrist, publisher, and theosopher W.W. Harmon


There are various themes which stand out among the AMP's archives. The Séance Music Archive includes an array of materials including séance songbooks, vinyl recordings, publications, and related psychic music materials, including notable figures like Chalmers Longley, Florizel von Reuter, May Wright Sewall, and many others. The Tone-Color Archive focuses on metaphysical traditions emphasizing tone-color symbolism including perspectives from alternative healing practices, child education, numerology, astrology, and more.