Secret Sound is a podcast focusing on the esoteric history of American music, from the 18th century to the present. For the last 15 years host Matt Marble has been researching marginalized American artists and the spiritual, often esoteric, influences that have empowered their work. From psychic pianists to prophetic instrument-makers, these artists found inspiration from within and often musically expressed themselves in experimental and imaginative ways. 

Each episode focuses on a single artist, and explores their biography, creative process, musical works, and influences. Along the way, listeners are introduced to diverse esoteric traditions, such as Theosophy, spiritualism, New Thought, Kabbalah, Enochian Magic, Vajrayana Buddhism, and more. We’ll also explore aspects of American history and society as broader contexts to individual artists and their work.

All episodes are free to stream or download. Also available on iTunes and Spotify.



Secret Sound - 8 - An Unconventional Faith (Henry Cowell) 

Welcome to Episode 8, “An Unconventional Faith,” in which we explore the radical world of Henry Cowell (1897-1965). Cowell was one of the most prolifically experimental composers in American history. He was one of the first composers to incorporate diverse…

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Secret Sound - 5 - The Answering Intelligence (Arthur Farwell) 

Welcome to Episode 5, “The Answering Intelligence.” This episode features composer and educator Arthur Farwell. Raised in an esoteric household, Farwell would go on to incorporate Native American religion, New Thought meditation, and Jewish Kabbalah into his life and music…

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