Secret Sound is the official podcast of the American Museum of Paramusicology. Its 40+ episodes explore the metaphysical history of American music through spiritual biopics of extraordinary musicians. For over 10 years host Matt Marble has been researching the esoteric traditions that have empowered both well-regarded and historically marginalized American figures. From psychic pianists to prophetic instrument-makers, the spiritual imagination of these artists explores and transcends musical styles--from jazz, pop, and the avant-garde to opera, hip-hop, and the indescribable. While through the inner affirmations and progressive social values operative across many esoteric traditions, this history is also naturally diverse, being explicitly inclusive of women, people of color, and LGBTQ artists. 

Each episode focuses on a single artist and explores their biography, creative process, musical works, and spiritual influences. Along the way, listeners are introduced to diverse esoteric traditions, such as spiritualism, theosophy, obeah, Taoism, Enochian magic, and more. 

Below you can listen to a selection of episodes in no particular order. To gain access to the entire catalogue of all 44 episodes, please visit the American Museum of Paramusicology.

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