American Museum of Paramusicology

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The American Museum of of Paramusicology (AMP) is home to a unique archive of audio recordings, musical scores, books, photos and ephemera pertaining to spiritual imagination, intuitive discipline, and esoteric tradition in American music history. Directed by Matt Marble, the AMP synthesizes a network of media (podcasts, essays, booksinterviews, creative consultation) which explore this history and archive, as well as living practices and contemporary discourse. While physical exhibitions and related materializations are on the horizon, the AMP is now proud to digitally offer the AMP Journal. The AMP Journal features music history articles, exclusive archival content, creative and metaphysical reflections, interviews, book reviews, as well as guest contributors and emergent features. Subscribers will also gain exclusive access to the backlog (all 45 episodes) of the Secret Sound podcast. Subscribe to the AMP today to explore and support this extraordinary perspective on American music history and spiritual imagination.

Pink Moon
April 6, 2023