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"The Sky Within" feat. Dolores Chiappone



Dolores Chiappone is an American painter who has thrived in her own dream world for nearly a century. Her paintings fuse plant, human, and animal figures into fractal fantasias. Beauty and mystery resound in her union of opposites, wherein earth and cosmos are joined to a pacific center, or what Dolores calls the "sky within." While the imagery in her paintings is derived from dreams, memories of past lives, magical intentionality, and the "music of the spheres." Dolores also notably participated in the pioneering LSD therapy of psychiatrist Dr. Oscar Janiger in the 1950s. This experience helped her work through trauma from paternal and spousal abuse and radically redirected her artistic path. Now in her 90s, she is currently preparing for a one person show at the Tubac Art Center in Arizona. In this debut episode of "The Hidden Present," we go deeper into Dolores' experience with Dr. Janiger and how it changed her life and art. We also explore turning into a jaguar, breaking into a million pieces, listening to paintings, and treasuring the sky within.