Wondering Stars

Matt Marble

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Wondering Stars (2020) is a pair of works for acoustic and electric guitars, synths, shakers, bells, jaw harp, harmonicas, garden sprayer, and baoding balls. Each work is based on a geometric score, which I use to orchestrate and map the instruments in a fixed radial sequence. I begin with the center point, which I mute at the end of the work. Then I layer each instrument in isolated response to its geometric neighbor. I do this without hearing the whole audio, only different local relationships, one at a time. Subtle variations in response-timing then coalesce incidentally into synchronistic chords, shimmering textures, and hocketed melodies. Then I edit by deletion and overdub holistic parts, not unlike the way I develope the original geometric form into colorful design through layered sheets of velum. In a cyclical chain reaction, this music rearranges itself like a kaleidoscope, flickers like lightning bugs, and breathes like an enigmatic lung.

These works are solo realizations of a previous series of ensemble works called “Faces of Sound.” For more on these ensemble works, visit:


Godspeed, M

birth of phanes (11:58) for acoustic and electric guitar, synth, shakers,

blue flower (10:28) for acoustic and electric guitar, synth, bells, baoding balls, harmonicas, jaw harp, garden sprayer

All instruments, recording, mastering, and images by Matt Marble

© Matt Marble Music contact: memarble@gmail.com

Greensboro, North Carolina April, 2020

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