Faces of Sound (2006-present) is a series of scored works for adhoc ensemble improvisation featuring the use of social geometry and chain reaction processes.

Over the years these works have involved home-made instruments (tree branch chimes, rain ice percussion), global instruments (Indonesian angklung, Peruvian ocarinas), electronic and Western acoustic instruments. The compositional process uses geometry to arrange players (and sounds) in space. Through a chain reaction process the players improvise with the score sound-by-sound. Ring Works, a group of four pieces ("Ice Ring," "Wind Ring, "Reed Ring," and "Mood Ring"), was inspired by the science of rhythmic entrainment and focused on musically repetative circular forms. Homeomeria is a series of three works ("alation," "whorl," and "frond") that was inspired by botanical patterns and more dynamic musical forms. I have also found inspiration in the fields of crystallography, African village design, and various traditions of esotericism. Each work is its own creature--you can hear it breathing.