................................. Home Away From Home (Andy Stott remix)

A sketch for "Home Away From Home" from Russell's personal notebooks

Had to share this remix of Arthur's "Home Away From Home" by Andy Stott. It's from a live set Stott performed at The Boiler Room in London in 2012, and recently shared via Audika Records. The soundscape is very Arthurian, and the highlights are in those enigmatically virtuosic and expressive cello samples that Stott mantrically refrained. It has a slow two-minute ambient build up, and then Arthur just shines.


In performance, Arthur essentially loops the verses and refrains, while certain lyrics are disposed to alternative phrases if not further vocal abstraction.
The lead sheet above is very likely one that Arthur would sight-read during live performances.
If you're ever in New York, check out Arthur's archives, now publically available at the New York Public Library

[Archival lyrics are shown at bottom.]

Below you can hear the final version of the song that Arthur left us, from his album Another Thought (1986): 

And, at the end of a medley, the original version of "Home Away From Home," from World of Echo (1985):