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"The Art of Tone" feat. Amber Wolfe Rounds


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Amber Wolfe Rounds is a composer, astrologer, Anthroposophist, and child educator within the Waldorf education tradition. She was raised in the Waldorf school--founded on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy--and in a metaphysically oriented family with a love for music, art, and contact improv. As an adult she's continued to ground her perspective in Anthroposophy. She now works as a Waldorf educator and explores Anthroposophical principles first-hand through professional and creative astrology as well as what Amber calls "tone art," that latter often being in collaboration with sound artist/ecologist Jarrod Fowler. Amber and Jarrod work together as Zizia, and often collaborate with various other artists, like Michael Pisaro-Liu (as Pisaura). Through her studies at Antioch University, Amber completed a dissertation on the role of Anthroposophy in the music of avant-garde pianist, composer, and electronics wizard David Tudor, as well as in the music of Elsie Hamilton, Kathleen Schlesinger, and herself. These writings have been published serially in the "Star Wisdom" journal.

In our conversation we explore Steiner's "stages of higher knowledge" (imagination, inspiration, and intuition), Anthroposophical perspectives on David Tudor's music and Hilma af Klint's art, principles from Waldorf child education, and much more. Special attention is given to Amber's "tone art," which she bases on astrological and ecological studies from an Anthroposophical perspective.


Amber's Astrology Site
Zizia's Homepage


For those seeking to understand the allegations of racism in Steiner's philosophy, please refer to the following sites, as suggested by Amber Wolfe Rounds, who offers the following:

In my lived experience as a Waldorf student and teacher, anthroposophists are very open to acknowledging the racism in some of Steiner's lectures and are actively striving to create diverse anthroposophical communities. Anthroposophical organizations and authors have addressed the topic extensively and are committed to anti-racist work: 

For example, the Waldorf school that I'll be working at this year is working with Alma Partners to create a more diverse and inclusive curriculum: